The Finance Ministry of Ukraine initiates new norms of land plot areas under construction


The Finance Ministry of Ukraine proposes to oblige natural persons to pay a 15 fold amount of a land tax in case land plot size exceeds the established size.

Such an initiative is in the draft law “On Making Amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine on Taxation of Wealth and Luxury Objects,” developed by the Finance Ministry and posted on its website.

“The matter concerns levying of a tax from natural persons-owners of land plots, located within the frames of one administrative-territorial unit under construction and servicing of dwelling houses, outbuildings and constructions, whose areas exceed for a village 0.75 ha, settlements - 0.45 ha and cities - 0.3 ha. For the individual summer cottage construction there is a norm, exceeding 0.3 ha, and for gardening in case of its location at least on one of the land plots of the object under taxation - 0.36 hа,” the branch ministry informs.

In case of this law adoption, those amendments may come into force next day following its publication in the official press.



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