Ukrainian Land Cadastre system is operating as planned

Since the beginning of the year more than a thousand citizens have applied to the territorial agencies for land resources to register the land parcels. They received appropriate services, answers and explanations.

Since January 1st, the law "On State Land Cadastre" took effect, regulations of which have introduced a number of historical innovations in the land relations. National cadastral system is operating as planned. Henceforth the registration of land parcel and property rights on it is divided between the two departments. However, that does not impact the quality in any way. Citizens do not need to go through all levels of authority. All the relevant information is transmitted by professionals through the secure communication systems. Land authorities register land parcel in the state registry of lands, open Land Register Book and publish extracts from this document, assign unique cadastral numbers etc. Besides, the state cadastral registers of land management service carry out the registration of the restrictions in the use of land parcels (water protection zones, power electricity lines, pipelines), and give free extracts from the cadastre.

Since the 1st of January Ukrainian state register took the functions registration of ownership of land parcels and permanent use of land parcels and leases of land plots. Instead of the state acts Ukrainian state register will issue a certificate of ownership to real estate property. And notaries will carry out the alienation of property rights to land parcels.

- Now state registration of land parcel will be faster, that practically nullifies the queues in the bodies of land resources, the delaying consideration of documents and other inconveniences, which previously were faced by citizens to register land parcel. In addition, the introduction of modern, high-tech system will completely reduce abuse in the land sector, minimize corruption and land fraud. The system is fully automated, every action is recorded and tracked. In the near future we will be able to avoid overlaps - once the registration system checks whether the plot lies to the map correctly- the Chairman of SALR of Ukraine Sergiy Tymchenko mentioned.


SALR of Ukraine

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