State registrars register over 6,500 land lots in two weeks - State Land Agency of Ukraine

As of January 28 this year, during two weeks of actual work of the National Cadastral System (NCS), state registrars received more than 12 thousand people. Experts of the territorial bodies of land resources have registered more than 6,500 land lots and provided almost 1,600 extracts from the land cadastre, - the press service of the State Land Agency informs.


"As known, since the beginning of this year, new rules of registration of land ownership rights have been introduced. The formation of plots is recorded in the State Land Cadastre and the registration of titles to plots in the State Register of Real Property Rights and Encumbrances. Now the Land Agency and the State Register have arranged automatic data exchange - their bases are updated daily online," the agency informs.

In addition, January 1, 2013 gave force to Article 79-1 of the Land Code of Ukraine (the formation of a land plot as an object of civil right), in which for the first time at the legislative level, the notion was given to the formation of a land lot, which provides for a definition of its area, boundaries, and entering information about it in the State Land Cadastre.

As noted, a land lot is considered to be formed after assigning to it an inventory number. All the plots formed are subject to state registration in the State Land Cadastre.

A land lot may be a subject to civil powers only after news of it is put on two data bases - the State Land Cadastre and the State Register of Real Property Rights and Encumbrances.



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