Foreign investors broaden business in Ukraine, - Ministry of Incomes and Fees

Enterprises with foreign investments are actively broadening their activity in Ukraine. According to the data of specialists of the Ministry of Incomes and Fees for 2 years, from 2011 till 2012 inclusively the total amount of sold by such enterprises production grew by 4% – from UAH 838.6 billion to UAH 870 billion, while export amount – by 22% (from UAH 159.4 billion to UAH 205.3 billion).

Payment of taxes by the companies with foreign investments to the combined budget upped from UAH 50 billion in 2011 to UAH 54.2 billion last year.

In their part the specialists of the Ministry of Incomes assure that Ukraine is systematically and purposefully working with an aim to create favorable investment climate and equal competition conditions for Ukrainian and foreign companies alike.

A share of imported goods by the mentioned companies amounted 83.7% in 2012.

The number of planned documentary checks of enterprises with foreign investments is being constantly cut: if in 2011 inspectors visited such enterprises 1539 times, last year – only 1056. In whole, starting from 2010 the number of checks of companies with foreign investments fell almost 2.5fold.

According to the experts of the Ministry of Incomes and Fees, the activity of tax and customs services has been and remains directed to the introduction of legislative and organization innovations targeting creation of comfortable conditions of making business in Ukraine. In particular, recently the tax service triggered a new service for enterprises with foreign investments – giving legal evaluation of investment projects for existing tax risks. In such a way the tax workers will help to avoid risk situations through incorrect interpretation of the national legislation by foreign entrepreneurs.


Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

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