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About 63 thousand land plots were registered in 2012 in Ukraine, - Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food

Since the beginning of the National Cadastral System work the specialists have registered nearly 63thousand of land plots. The tenth part of them was in Kiev region. Besides, significant results in the land registration ware reached in Zhytomyr, Vinnytsya, Ternopil, Rivne, Chernigiv and Kirovohrad regions.

In particular, cadastral registers have given 15 604 excerpts from the land register. Every day the number of land legal documents supply increases and even exceeds the index of the previous year despite the delays linked to the new registration system launch.

Currently, the mission of the World Bank on the investment project "legal land documents supply in the rural areas and Cadastre development" implementation support is holding in Ukraine. The experts together with Mr. Malkolm Chailders, the land resources administration specialist check the execution of this programme and soon will give their assessment of cadastral system in Ukraine.



Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine

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