Ukrainian cadastral map is the largest in Europe, - the World Bank experts

Ukrainian cadastral map is the largest in Europe. This was announced by the World Bank experts, who have completed the work of the land register creation check.

The experts think that the creation of cadastral map and disclosure of Ukrainian plots on Public cadastral map is one of the key achievements of the joint project of Ukraine and the World Bank. This Cadastral Map is a guarantee of land relations transparency and openness and eliminates abuse and corruption.

The World Bank representatives approved the work of the implementation and operation of cadastral system in Ukraine during the previous inspection. To create cadastral maps it was conducted aerial photography of Ukraine, formed ortho- photo maps and index-cadastral maps throughout the country (more than 60 million hectares) using funds allocated by the World Bank.

According to the State Agency of Land Resources of Ukraine, more than million users have visited the site of the public cadastral map. More than 12,000 landowners submitted online requests to correct the land plots location. The data were corrected about more than 100,000 plots using automatically means till the end of February.

In particular, according to the Land Agency press service, it was primarily corrected technical errors concerning coordinate systems, so currently the plots aren’t mapped in another region, the Black Sea or even abroad.

It should be mentioned that since January 1, 2013 the State Agency of Land Resources of Ukraine introduced online Public Cadastral Map where for the first time you can see information about the Ukrainian lands. Currently, the information about the boundaries and dimensions of lots, ownership and purpose, as well as their inventory numbers are available. Personal data of the land owners are not disclosed.


Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine


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