The World Bank is satisfied with the quality and speed of the cadastral system implementation in Ukraine

The World Bank experts who visited Ukraine to provide support of the Project of land ownership titling in rural areas and development of the Cadastre development are satisfied with the results of this work. Thus, they have stressed that since their previous visit considerable work had been made and the working cadastral system meets European standards.

From 11 to 19 February, the World Bank mission visited Ukraine. The experts visited two district offices of the State Land Agency in Vyshgorod and Boryspil where they observed the work and the process of service providing using the new National Cadastre System.

Evaluating the implementation of land ownership titling in rural areas and the development of cadastre system, the World Bank marked in its report not only the quality and scale of the works but the speed they were conducted.

"Since the last mission of the World Bank specialists it was done a great job of the electronic system implementation using own additional software, data preparation and training. Currently the electronic cadastre system functions and it is used in 592 local and other offices", the report says.

The experts have also noted that nowadays electronic cadastre system is working successfully. A number of introduced features enable it to comply with best international practice.

However, to obtain such result and praise of the World Bank Ukraine made every effort. Thus, to implement this project it was improved domestic legislation, held informative work with the public, organized training for relevant professionals and others.

As on February 14, 2013 more than 711 certificates were replaced by the state land acts or registered as cases of "deviations". The system costs of land acts issuance within the Project agreements are approximately 16 USD per a plot. Such cost indicates an adequate level of economic efficiency, typical for our region.

The territory of Ukraine was also mapped.

"Within the project it was carried out mapping of 24 regions, the Crimea and the cities of Kyiv and Sevastopol. This fully provides Ukraine with basic one quality mapping for the first time since independence. Nowadays it possesses modern aerial photography, modern digital orthophoto in the corresponding large scale form and digital cadastral index maps that are currently available at the Public Cadastral Map", the report says.

The Public Cadastral Map provides wide access in the Internet to all orthophotos, cadastral map indexes, soil maps and others. Currently this map is also being improved.

"The Bank is aware that a large amount of work has been done over the past few months to prepare electronic cadastre system and its implementation in Ukraine. The system development, its testing, acceptance, data migration and user training were done in less than three months. It took less than five months to create a digital archive (including scanning and indexing of 16.8 million state regulations and arriving documents scanning procedure implementation). The achieved results are an excellent example for the region and other countries", the report says.

It was also mentioned in the report that the positions provided by the Project facilitate and reduce the number of bureaucratic steps in the process of ownership registration, significantly reduce the time spent on public services, eliminate delays and reduce the cost of services. Thus, the time required to register new land plot decreased from the month to 41 minutes, the cost of property registration was reduced from 95 to 63 UAH and the cost of the extract from the register from 102 to 51 UAH.

National Cadastre System provides the technical platform for the provision of a variety of new electronic services for the external users, including the tax authorities, real estate agencies, banks, universities, institutions / companies of infrastructure development. Press Service of the Ministry of the Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine


Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine

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