ЗЕМЛЯ 2020! Мораторій. Ринок землі. Що зробити ВЖЕ! Ціна. Іноземці. Переважне право. Як не втратити земельний банк: агрохолдинги, фермери. (Суб)Оренда. Договори. Реєстрація. АГРОЗМІНИ. Масиви. Обмін. "Шахматки". Польові дороги. Паї. (Анти)Рейдерство. Суди! НГО. Плата! Детальніше...

Проект Земельної спілки України: "Десять кроків для подолання корупції у земельних відносинах"...

APPEAL to Land Surveyors of Ukraine

Association "Land Union of Ukraine", which is the largest professional association of contractors on land management in Ukraine, which has never pursued and will not pursue any political goals, decided to apply to land managers, surveyors, appraisers and other qualified professionals in land and real estate market. The specificity of our profession is that we work directly with ordinary citizens, business, and in close collaboration with government agencies and local governments, so we know very well that land use and real estate market - these are the areas of social and economic life, which concentrated most apparent contradictions and problems of modern Ukrainian society.

Knowledge of these issues requires us first of all to show wisdom. Work of surveyor - is mainly identifying and fixing of boundaries, but at a time when Ukraine is going through tumultuous changes, we ask professionals in our industry not to create boundaries in their hearts and protect their human and professional dignity. Na matter where we were born, no matter what language we communicate in everyday life and what political views we support, but all we need to remember that we have just one Ukraine and it's our great common home - from Uzhgorod to Lugansk, from Novgorod Sivershchyna to Fiolent cape. Right now we have to listen carefully to each other and make decisions jointly, without emotion and waving flags.

Ukraine's economy is not in the best condition, but we have to be aware that access to land - is one of the fundamental bases of well-being, so thet obtaining land is a first step to start any real business, to create industrial enterprises, to farming or housing. In an effort to make better lives for our country 's, economic recovery and acting in the interests of its members and the entire land surveying industry Association "Land Union of Ukraine" will continue to carry out a critical assessment of the goverment authorities, will also provide professional suggestions for improving the legal regulation of land and property relations to overcome corruption and elimination of corruption risks, improving the business climate, streamlining of public administration and registration services, ensuring transparency in the use and allocation of land resources and land protection as a basis of national wealth.

This year the Association "Land Union of Ukraine", expressing deep sorrow for our fellow citizens, who were killed during the violence in Kyiv, refuses to conduct the solemn celebration of the traditional professional holiday - the Day of Land Surveyor.

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