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Проект Земельної спілки України: "Десять кроків для подолання корупції у земельних відносинах"...

Land News from Ukraine

Prime Minister Mykola Azarov pointed out prospects for investing in the domestic agricultural sector, and invited foreign investors to take up the implementation of major projects.

This was discussed during the first international business conference ABC: Ukraine & Partners on Friday.

"In recent years we have paid much attention to the implementation of projects in the local agricultural sector. For example, we continue to recoup some of the funds spent by farmers on the development of greenhouses, livestock farms, interest rates on loans, etc. And the results are obvious," the head of government said.

He noted that the domestic farmers have achieved stable annual production of more than 50 million tons of grain. In addition, Ukraine holds the leading positions in the production of sunflower oil. And to increase the gross output of the domestic agriculture, the government is launching an irrigation project in the south of Ukraine. "We are planning to make irrigated up to 2 million hectares of land in the south of Ukraine. And this will provide not only high yields of grain. Therefore, we invite investors to participate in the implementation of such a large and complex project," Azarov said.




Since the National Cadastre System implementation, the specialists have registered 426 thousand land plots and provided 265 thousand land excerpts.

This year, the State Land Agency received 49 thousand requests from the State Registration. 2 thousand of them are under discussion and 47 thousand were answered.

Since public cadastral maps appeared on-line at the site of the State Land Agency it became one of the most visited by the central executive bodies official websites.

As of June 5, it has been viewed 2.5 million times. It should be mentioned that the national cadastral system was launched in January 2013.


Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food


At the moment the experts of the State Agency for Land Resources of Ukraine have developed the draft Law "Agricultural land turnover", the adoption and implementation of which will make it possible to implement in Ukraine civilized land market relations, and to bring the development of the agricultural sector of the economy of our country to the level of developed countries. The First Deputy to the Chairman of the State Agency for Land Resources of Ukraine Artem Kadomskyi, emphasized this speaking in Brussels on the Eighth joint meeting of the Subcommittee № 3 "Enterprise policy, competition, regulatory co-operation” of the Cooperation Committee between Ukraine and the EU.

During the meeting, the speaker elaborate on the prospects of opening of the agricultural land market in Ukraine and bringing land relations on the level of advanced countries.

Artem Kadomskyi underlined that during the elaboration of draft Law there were taken into consideration the experience of developed countries, particularly of the European Union, in the sphere of agricultural land turnover. First of all, it is about the adaptation of Ukrainian legislation to the legislation and regulations of the European community, and the significant issues that affect the development of the Ukrainian economy. And the adoption of such law actually has to finalize the formation of the legislative framework for the introduction of sale and purchase market of agricultural land in Ukraine. This basic document will enable to implement the most promising areas of cooperation with the EU, the First Deputy to the Chairman of State Agency for Land Resources of Ukraine said.

Artem Kadomskyi also drew attention to areas that need advice and assistance of European experts and studying the best European practices in the field of land relations.


State Agency for Land Resources of Ukraine


Acting Board Chairman of the State Land Bank Svitlana Skosyrska denies possibility of the monopoly position of the State Land Bank on the market. She has said about this in an interview to the BTV channel.

“From our calculations it is envisaged that really we will be able to credit agricultural producers at low rates, although it is necessary to achieve this. Because, it is necessary, on the one hand, to accumulate money from the land rent. Second, it is necessary to recommend itself as a stable and economically grounded financial structure, which can attract money on external markets,” a specialist noted.

According to her, the establishment will work as the second-tier bank. “It seems to me that when the Land Bank works fully, the rates will be down on the market and crediting of agricultural producers will be one of the most priority programs at all banks,” the Board Chairman believes.

She noted that the land bank will also allow developing the priority programs with the help of small and medium agricultural producers.

“First, the bank will have some own money, and with the time, it will grow and the amount will increase. But the bank could urge other banks so that they invested their money into the agriculture sector, and the Land Bank, at the same time, will take a part of risks on itself. We are planning that if not over a year or two, than over five years, the need of crediting agriculture in our country will be fully covered. Perhaps, two to three years will be necessary for this, but this will occur without fail,” Skosyrska summed up.





Deputy Head of the State Agency of Land Resources Yevhen Berdnikov has said about this during his working visit to Zaporizhzhia region, where he met with heads of leading agricultural enterprises, the Agency's press service told UKRINFORM about this.

“Currently, two draw laws have been prepared, which are to considerably simplify the land use and to create more comfortable conditions for people. Draft laws have been already supported by the Verkhovna Rada branch committee and in the nearest future they will be considered in the parliament. Thanks to amendments, which will be adopted to the law, local self-government bodies will not be able to delay a process of drawing up the proprietary rights or the right of land use. In addition, the officials will be brought to administrative responsibility for violation of the terms for adjustment of the land arrangement documents,” the official noted.

As reported, according to the order of First Deputy Agricultural Policy and Food Minister Ivan Bisiuk of May 20, 2013, a working group will be set up in Ukraine to finalize the draft law “On the Use of Farm Lands.”




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