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Проект Земельної спілки України: "Десять кроків для подолання корупції у земельних відносинах"...

Land News from Ukraine

ukragroconsult | 20.05.2011   Ukraine has invited investors from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to take part in large-scale investment projects in Ukraine. Said the deputy chairman of the Ukrainian part of Intergovernmental Ukrainian-UAE commission on trade and economic cooperation, Deputy Economy Minister Vasiliy Marmazov during the commission's first meeting, held May 18-19.As the press service of the Ministry of Economy, during the meeting were presented to the investment and innovation projects in the construction, infrastructure, engineering and transportation industries, which Ukraine hopes to implement in conjunction with the OAU.Ukraine is interested in further deepening cooperation in investment field, as well as, more active participation of UAE investors in the privatization of enterprises in the implementation in Ukraine of major investment projects.As V. Marmazov stated, the Ukrainian side has the intention to develop more actively industrial, agricultural, economic and trade, banking cooperation. Particular attention is focused on the intensification of relations in the fuel and energy industry and healthcare. Deputy Minister of Economy said that Ukraine is also interested in cooperation in the field of renewable energy and military-technical cooperation.The parties discussed the economic situation in the countries and the state of bilateral relations and prospects of cooperation between Ukraine and the UAE in many areas of mutual interest.In the Ministry of Economic Development noted that the meeting of the Commission has led to develop new and develop existing contacts, to identify promising directions of cooperation.


Verkhovna Rada (VR) has adopted the first reading of draft law "On State Land Cadastre", which provides for updating the basic provisions for maintaining state land cadastre, contained in the Land Code.

The corresponding project number 8077 on February 4, 2011, initiated by factions “PR”, “NU NS” and “BUTb”, supported by 267 deputies.

As the authors of the draft law, if today the state registration of the land is held during each transaction, and includes the procedure for issuing state acts or registration of leases, the draft law empowers the procedure to the appropriation of only land plot’s cadastral number.

In addition, it is planning to establish that the analysis of the submitted documentation and placement of all information about the area are performed by the district (city) territorial bodies of the central executive authority on land resources.

The People's Deputies also noted that the draft law contains a mechanism for the settlement of exchange of information between the State Land Cadastre and State Register of rights to immovable property.

The draft law also provides contrast with the 2013 state acts on the ownership of the land plots.

Remind, 15 April, the Committee on Agrarian Policy and Land Relations recommend VR to take the Draft Law "On State Land Cadastre”.

Note, 9 April, Minister of Agricultural Policy and Food Mykola Prisyajnyuk stated that the Government of Ukraine is ready to take responsibility for bringing the land reform to fruition. "The position of President and our ministry to introduce a land market is to avoid land divorce of Ukrainian peasants", - said N. Prisyajnyuk.

Earlier, on March 21, 2011, the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych said that Ukraine by the end of the first half should adopt draft laws “On the land market” and" On State Land Cadastre”.



APK-Inform | 05.05.2011Ukraine should take its rightful and deserved place in world food markets, because worldwide there is a large demand for food and agricultural products.On this May 4 during a working visit to the Autonomic Republic of Crimea, said Minister of Agricultural Policy and Food M. Prisyajnyuk, the press service of the Secretariat of Cabinet of Ministers." There is big demand for food ahead, evidenced by the statements of world organizations. The task of the Ministry will be consisted in preventing our country from missing this chance "- the minister said, answering reporters' questions."I am convinced that the world still will find a way, how to fill the existing shortage of food, and if we think that it is constantly, and will not make any steps to increase production and attract new technologies and take its rightful place in world markets, we once again miss the chance ", - said N. Prisyajnyuk.
UNIAN | 26.04.2011   Formation of a free market for agricultural land will facilitate investments in agro-industrial complex of Ukraine. This was during the debate, "Free market of land - a threat to Ukrainian village," said Senior Project Manager Foundation for Effective Governance "Andrew Lobach.In his view, the lack of agricultural land market makes it impossible to realize the enormous potential that is in agriculture. Moratorium on the sale of agricultural land is a blocker, which prevents the attraction of financing in the agricultural sector, because land cannot be used as collateral to raise bank lending.Companies that handle land on the Rights of the short-term rentals are not interested to invest in ensuring fertility of the land, convinced Alexander Lobach.In turn, Director of the Research Institute of Agricultural Economics, Professor University of Debrecen (Hungary), Josef Popp suggested that the main tasks of the Ukrainian government - get rid of corruption and to develop clear and predictable policies that regulate the land market and agricultural exports.«Lack of an open market as a once and allows you to buy the land for a pittance. For a simple reason - the owners have no choice. In turn, the open land market will open for its owners the opportunity to raise funds through the institution of bail. " says the former First Deputy Prime Minister, former Minister of Finance Victor PynzenykPresident of Agri-Ukraine "," ATS Ukraine, "the group" Linen of Desna "(Ukraine-France), Michel Tereshchenko said that the land market - a way to attract investors in the agricultural sector in Ukraine and to provide secure property rights to land plots According to ""."Following the lifting of the moratorium five million Ukrainian farmers will have direct access to capital, or at least credible assurances necessary to obtain micro credit for the purchase of machinery and equipment - he said. - All this will support and strengthen the integrity and attractiveness of Ukrainian villages, as well as allow to develop agriculture in Ukraine, which even under current conditions is profitable. "- as he beleives.
APK-Inform | 22.04.2011 During recent years, investors increased own interest in the agrarian complex of Ukraine, which assisted to attracting portfolio investments to the industry at the level of nearly 2 bln USD beginning from 2007 period.According to the investment company Dragon Capital, in 2010 Ukrainian agrarian companies attracted nearly 500 mln USD of investments through the mechanisms of Initial public offering (IPO) and secondary public offering (SPO).The companies concentrating in production of plant growing commodity attracted 40% of the reporting sum, and the companies dealing with agricultural commodities and by-products received the remaining sum.Last year, the following companies received the largest investment inflows in the agrarian sector: Avanguard (208 mln USD), Agroton (96 mln USD) and Milkilend (69 mln USD).According to forecasts of Andrew Bespyatov, Director of the Analytical department of the company, in 2011 the level of secured investments in the agrarian complex of Ukraine will possibly increase by 8-12 bln USD, and the number of companies, which have the opportunity to enter on public capital markets (stocks and shares), will reach the level of 10 as opposed to 5 in 2010.

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