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Land News from Ukraine

agrotimes | 17.03.2011   The implementation of agricultural lands will be the logical completion of the land reform. In this case, after the introduction of agricultural land in the turnover, the valuation of land will meet the world demands. On this was spoken at a meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council of the Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food of Ukraine, according to the press service statement.According to the calculations of the National Scientific Center "Institute of Agrarian Economy", the formation of transparent relationships on the market of land resources will allow to increase the profitability of agriculture in Ukraine up to 70 billion UAH in today's 5 billion USD, as source reports.As the press service reports, the scientific and technical council, chaired by the Minister, decided to complete the formation of the necessary legislative and regulatory framework for land tenure and create conditions for normal functioning of the land market, the mechanisms of its regulation and an effective turnover of agricultural lands. Besides the economic and legal mechanisms for implementing land reform, scientists discussed with the Minister the strategy of the technical and technological modernization of agro industrial complex. | 14.04.2011 In the list of priorities of the Ukrainian government should be the reform of agricultural land. About This issue involves the analysis conducted by experts from the American Institute in Ukraine (AIU). The document specifically notes that the Ukraine is 25% black soil throughout the world. What gives it the opportunity to turn into Saudi Arabia in relation to agricultural products. "At the same time, a significant portion of it is underutilized" - the experts say. In this regard, on their opinion, if Ukraine will adopt the right laws on the use of agricultural land and property rights on it, then Ukraine's GDP per capita will double rapidly. "Ideally, the legislation should provide regulation on long-term leases of land so that foreign and domestic investors would have an incentive to invest in construction of grain elevators, new irrigation systems and other things" - the document says. "Without significant reform in this area, Ukraine will miss it’s chance, " - AIU experts believe.
APK-Inform | 08.04.2011 About the same time the Minister of Agricultural Policy and Food Mykola Prisyajnyuk said on April 8 at Zhitomir in the conference "Prospects of development of agroindustrial complex of Zhytomyr region, problems of land relations and ways of solving it." According to him, "the world’s situation today on food market is extremely favorable for Ukraine, in order it to become a powerful player on the food market of the world, that is why in soon enough the reforms launched by the government in the agricultural sector will be completed." "These reforms will be implemented and completed with the specific development of our Ukrainian economy and will benefit the Ukrainian society," - said the minister. In this M. Prisyajnyuk noted that the purpose of agricultural reforms in Ukraine is placing the country in the category of powerful European states with stable high economic performance. He recalled that the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych exercises lately a lot of visits to foreign countries to create a positive image of Ukraine abroad. N. Prisyajnyuk also predicted that the world's food deficit will grow annually. "Of course, we understand that today all the world analysts, all of the financial structures of the world and the UN through its structure clearly declare that the world's food deficit will grow each year, and the reasons for that and of course – as well as climatic, and transnational. This state of affairs, according to N. Prysyazhnyuk is extremely favorable for Ukraine, because it can provide them the aforementioned rising demand for food.

Introduction to the turnover of agricultural lands must necessarily guarantee the development of infrastructure of Ukrainian villages and the protection of rights of owners of the land shares. However, land reform should motivate the development of rural areas. This requires urgent legislation base reform. On this April 11, said the Minister of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine and Food N. Prisyajnyuk, states the press service Minagroprod.

"Today, in the process of implementing land reform, highly qualified professionals and experts are attracted, that are the members of the working group. The main task of reforming of the legislation, that regulates the circulation of agricultural land - is to create conditions, so that every owner of the land plot became a full owner of the land "- said the head of Minagroprod.

According to N. Prysyazhnyuk, the land reform, first and foremost, is needed for the owners of land shares, who are know how to dispose of their holdings by themselves.

"Today there is no need to carry out a referendum on land reform. The referendum would be logical to conduct before the land sharing process, but not now, when each share has an owner, who himself has to decide what to do with his documental and legally protected property ", - emphasized Minister of Agricultural Policy and Food.

"Today, the task of the state and the expert community is the revival of agriculture and the efficient production of agricultural products. That's why we initiate the accounting in the Land legislation in principled position: on the leased land the number of employees must be up to 80% of the settlement, the territorial boundaries of which includes shares that will be processed. This will allow the owner of the share to receive about 800-1000 UAH of pay for rent per hectare each year, if he will not seek to dress his agricultural land on his own, "- added N. Prisyajnyuk.

He said this on April 6 during a public presentation of the concept of "investment reforms." The President also stressed once again that this year is important for the acceleration of land reform.

"I emphasize that, according to the program of economic reforms in Ukraine for 2010 - 2014 years before the end of 2012 is expected to create a transparent market for agricultural land. To do this, first of all, it will create the necessary legislative base" - Viktor Yanukovych said, adding that today's Society conducted the necessary debate about the features of these laws.

As a result, the President noted that during the first half of this year, it is planning to consider and adopt two important laws of Ukraine in the sphere of land relations - "On State Land Cadastre" and "On the land market".

The President particularly stressed that Ukraine has entered the market of land, not to encourage speculation, but the production itself and to ensure equal access to this market of domestic and foreign economic entities, so that the land was located in the hands of the most efficient owner.

"All steps in this direction will be implemented in a broad dialogue with the public. None of the farm families who work on the land, will not be discriminated against. This is my principled position," - Viktor Yanukovych stressed.

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