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Проект Земельної спілки України: "Десять кроків для подолання корупції у земельних відносинах"...

Land News from Ukraine | 04.04.2011 Representations of the largest foreign banks in Ukraine are interested in cooperation with the farmers and stated about their readiness to credit national agricultural producers.This agreement became a result of the Monday's meeting of Agrarian Policy and Food Minister Mykola Prysiazhniuk with chairmen of bank boards, the ministry's press service informs.Presently, Ukrainian producers are interested in possibility of crediting the future yield, therefore cooperation with banks is an integral part for formation of the food security basis of Ukraine and national consumers, Prysiazhniuk stated. "I am convinced that new financial possibilities will allow Ukrainian agricultural producers to occupy a more active position on the world food market," he underscored.Prysiazhniuk informed that the ministry jointly with the National Bank develops a mechanism for simplification of the crediting procedure for agricultural producers and takes into consideration the best experience of the European countries to the maximum on creation of favorable conditions for development of agrarian business.Participating in the meeting were: First Deputy Chairman of the National Bank Yuriy Kolobov, Ukrsotsbank Board Chairman Borys Timonkin, OTP Bank Board Chairman Dmytro Zinkov and Raiffeisen Bank Aval Board Chairman Volodymyr Lavrenchuk.

"The President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovich on April 11 will meet with representatives of the agricultural sector to discuss the progress of the land reform" - the press office of President.

During a meeting with Prime Minister Mykola Azarov on Monday the president said: "It is extremely important to consult with grain growers in all those issues that cause ambiguous perception of the villagers. For example on the issue, when the land will become a commodity, who will become its real owner? Will there be left Ukrainian black soil, our golden land reserve in the hands of people who work on our land?"

"I am particularly concerned that the process of land reform will not affect villagers in a negative view," - said Viktor Yanukovych.

The meeting also discussed the spring sowing, the grain quota, changes to the budget that would provide an opportunity to direct more funds to social protection of the poor people, cooperation with the International Monetary Fund and other topics.

АPK-Iform | 23.03.2011   The State Agency on Land Resources (Goszem) of Ukraine believes that immediately after the lifting of the moratorium on the sale of agricultural land, the supply in the market will be about 6 million hectares. The head deputy of GosZem Nikolai Kalyuzhny mentioned about it at the roundtable "State regulation of excessive concentration of agricultural land in the ownership and lease” of March 22 in Kiev. He also said that Goszem proposes to give the first right to purchase land to the special state institution. "If the owner of the land share wants to sell it, it will be required to first inform the specialized institution of the state", - said N. Kalyuzhny. According to him, about 7 million hectares are now in public ownership, including 3.1 million hectares of arable land. In addition, Ukraine has about 1,6-2 million hectares of unclaimed shares.

The upcoming land reform will make it possible for foreigners, not only Ukrainians, to buy land, first deputy head of the presidential administration Iryna Akimove says.

Addressing “The Ukrainian Summit” run by the Economist Group, she said the administration plans to complete the land reform in Ukraine by 2012.

“All the related legislation will be passed in the first half of 2011,” she said.

In the past year the Ukrainian authorities have done much to develop the land market, Akimova said. However, several basic laws have to be passed, notably, the law on the land sites register and the law on the land market.

Akimova said the government will allow not only Ukrainians but also foreigners to buy land in Ukraine. | 22.03.2011   The State enterprise State Food Grain Corporation of Ukraine plans to form land bank of 1 mln ha, declared Robert Broudi, General Director of the company Khleb Investbud Ltd., on March 22. According to him, Khleb Investbud Ltd. has no relation to forming of the land bank, because the company is the commercial subdivision of State Food Grain Corporation. In the beginning of the present year, Alexander Lavrinchuk, General Director of the State enterprise State Food Grains Corporation of Ukraine, informed that the Corporation plans to form land bank at the level of over 100 thsd ha. R.Broudi also forecasted that the Government will prolong grain export quotas for the second quarter of 2011. According to him, the certified elevators store maize and wheat volumes, which total 3 mln tonnes each, respectively, including 1 mln tonnes of the Agrarian Fund grains. Companies-traders with foreign investments own the majority of the remaining grain volumes, including nearly 2.5 mln tonnes of maize and 2.2 mln tonnes of wheat. In the case of cancellation of the export limitations, the grain owners will immediately load the commodities at vessels and export from Ukraine, explained R.Broudi. Thus, Ukraine will have zero carry-over stocks, and have to import grain volumes from abroad. As a reminder, the Government of Ukraine took decision to found the Corporation in August 2010, and transferred 36 subsidiary enterprises of the state stock company Khleb Ukrainy, including Odessa and Nikolayiv port elevators, to ownership of the new state company. In February 2011 the Cabinet of Ministers decided to transfer additional 13 enterprises of Khleb Ukrainy to the Corporation. To date, large-scale Ukrainian agricultural holdings managed to form land banks at the level of nearly 200-300 thsd ha.

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