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Проект Земельної спілки України: "Десять кроків для подолання корупції у земельних відносинах"...

Land News from Ukraine

RBC-Ukraine | 22.02.2011   As Klyuyev has stated, funds will flow to Ukraine, according to the program of attracting investments. Program of investment in Ukrainian economy in 2011-2012 as a whole is directed to attract about 168 billion UAH investment. This was reported today by the First Deputy Prime Minister - the Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine Andriy Klyuyev, the press relation service of the head of the State. "We now have investment projects totally close to 168 billion USD. With regard to foreign investment, some of those 168 billion UAH, about 40% - is an enterprise with foreign investments", - he said. We note, that Prime Minister Mykola Azarov reported earlier that Ukraine's economy in 2011 may attract additionally about 100 billion USD investment that will provide additional GDP growth of 1,5-2% predicted. As it was reported, until 2014, the Cabinet formed a database of investment projects worth 1.1 trillion USD. Database of investment projects has been formed by the directions: 125 strategically important regional and field investment projects worth about 200 billion USD, 714 investment projects in priority areas of economic and social development value of about 900 billion USD.According to the managing director of Dragon Capital IR, Tomash Fiala, the volume of direct foreign investments in the financial sector of Ukraine in 2011 will increase by 10%. "In 2010, foreign direct investment amounted approximately to 4.5 billion dollars. Over 40% of investment will be directed to the financial sector. In 2011, we forecast about $ 5 billion of foreign direct investment" - Fiala said.  
minprom | 14.01.2011 In case of cancellation of the moratorium on the sale of agricultural land, the sector will become attractive for speculative investments. This is stated in the report of the analytical group Da Vinci AG. "Today, there is a high level of interest in the Ukrainian agricultural land by investors from the Middle East and the Arab world. In case of cancellation of the moratorium, purchase of land shares that are under property of the pensioners and farmers can be conducted for its subsequent resale to large financial-industrial groups overseas. Depending on the quality of land, infrastructure and remoteness of the region, the difference between buying price and selling price could be 300-600% "- the report says.Formerly, the head of Qatar National Programme of Food Security Mahendra Shah wasinforming about the negotiations over the purchase of agricultural lands, which are conducted with the Ukrainian authorities. Qatar plans to grow cereal crops on these lands. Note that the Verkhovna Rada intends to carry out parliamentary hearings on land issues on March 2. In early January, Prime Minister Mykola Azarov expressed an opinion that the reform of agriculture complex requires not only investment but also changing of an attitude of farmers to the land. Prime Minister stressed that only a person who owns this land can effectively work on it.
ukragroconsult | 25.02.2011   When introducing a civilized turnover of farmland, the annual lease payment for 1 ha may increase at least to $150 (UAH 1200), said Mykola Prysiazhniuk, Agrarian Policy and Food Minister. “I believe the land reform has entered its final phase, we are forced today – pushed by time and economic demands – to consider and adopt a land market law. The main task of the law makers is to prevent the Ukrainian peasant from losing his land and to ensure food security – to make Ukrainian farmland serve the people, enable an increase in the economic potential, and seize current opportunities in the agricultural sector,” said Prysiazhniuk. He pointed out the existence of a threat that money gained by land owners from land sales could be spent on household matters, not on the land market development. He added that the method of persuasion would be applied so that land owners unwilling to cultivate their land shares themselves, first of all lease them out. “This will give them a permanent source of income and enable the state to improve income indicators per capita. Land itself will be capitalized annually,” noted Prysiazhniuk.
UNIAN | 18.02.2011   Ukraine is interested in creating a common agrarian market of the Commonwealth of Independent States. As UNIAN correspondent, Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov said today at a meeting with CIS Executive Secretary Sergey Lebedev. "We supported the initiative to declare 2011 the year in the CIS food safety. As you remember, within the Commonwealth, we have created a common agricultural market, trying to achieve such a goal, even made in 1998 by an agreement. We have interest in creating a common agricultural market, and we would like to see this matter seriously considered, initially at the expert level, and then at the level of heads of the government ", - said Mykola Azarov.
ukragroconsult | 19.01.2011   Today, Ukraine has all the prerequisites to become a European leader in production of organic products. It was mentioned by the head of the “Simirenko” agrikooperativ, Alexei Simirenko, on the results of conference dedicated to the organic production which took place in Kiev in late October. "Organic-foods - this is the actual direction of European agriculture over the past five years. They are producing without the use of hazardous technologies such as ultrasonic treatment, chemical preservation and processing of phenols and surfactants, aeration, and do not contain raw materials of agricultural origin, grown with pesticides, chemical fertilizers and other agricultural chemistry, hormones and growth stimulants ", - says Alexei Simirenko. In Ukraine there are a number of agrokooperatives that are growing organic products, based on European standards, as in Ukraine, they have not yet been approved. What's good about the "correct organic"? The fact that buying organic products, grown and certified by the rules, the buyer guarantees not only the safety of these products, but also the absolute benefit to the organism. "During the past two years, Europeans have shown considerable interest in the Ukrainian organic products, today there are many examples of successful cooperation in this direction, - said Alexei Simirenko Agrokooperativ "Simirenko" for several years increases the amount of land under cultivation of the organic products. "The fruit gardens, which we take to rent - and they are already more than 2 hectares in Vinnytsia, Khmelnytsky and Odessa areas – are pre-examined for content of chemical compounds not only in the soil, but also in the trees. We are looking for information on agrarian events conducted in these areas before. If you have doubts as to "clean" soil, than we refuse from such areas. Our reputation is more important to our partners and customers than the possible additional income, "- emphasizes Alex Simirenko. "We certainly would like to get government support in this direction. In fact, all that is needed - is the adoption of clear rules of the game, law or government regulations on organic products. It should be understood that this would, first of all, the buyer should receive benefit from it.  

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