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Проект Земельної спілки України: "Десять кроків для подолання корупції у земельних відносинах"...

Land News from Ukraine

ukragroconsult | 19.01.2011   The European Union expressed its willingness to finance the implementation in Ukraine of yield prediction system MARS. This was reported in the EU Delegation in Ukraine. According to the report, following an open tender Ukrainian company "EPOS" will receive the equipment and software of the system for forecasting yields MARS from the EU Delegation in Ukraine.It is noted that the EU is financing the supply of equipment for the MARS to support the implementation of the EU project "Implementation of Ukraine's commitments on WTO accession and realization of the European Neighbourhood Policy in the rural sector (sectoral approach)." EU invests in Ukrainian agriculture around 9 million euros. These funds are aimed at supporting agriculture and rural development in Ukraine. This budget covers costs for the project "Implementation of Ukraine's commitments on WTO accession and implementation of the European Neighbourhood Policy in the rural sector (sectoral approach), contracts for the supply of equipment and software, and realization of the" Twinning" to provide assistance to Ukrainian veterinary service to improve the legal and technical aspects of the control system for food safety. This agreement suggests that on part of the EU to Ukraine the computer equipment will be supplied, as well as software for weather stations, satellite navigation systems, vehicles for transportation of mobile weather stations and office equipment.
ukragroconsult | 15.02.2011   Export potential of Ukraine in the current marketing year is about 13 million tons of grain. This is the forecast by the Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food. We should note, that in the current marketing year, Ukraine has already exported 7 million tons of grain crops. Including wheat exports totaled 2.6 million tons, barley - 2,4 million tons, corn - 1.9 million tons."If we’ll have to export only 16 million tons of grain, as in this marketing year, instead of 15 million tons, one of the market participants will be able to say what action will be taken by the government? Nobody can say nothing, "- says president of the Ukrainian Grain Association Volodymyr Klimenko. According to preliminary data of State Statistics committee of Ukraine, last year in Ukraine more than 39 million tons of grain was raised. According to forecasts of USDA world wheat stocks in 2011 will be reduced, in particular because of the reduced production in Ukraine. On May 31 it will be nearly 178 million tons.   ukragroconsult
RBC-Ukraine | 22.02.2011   Minister of Agricultural Policy and Food Mykola Prisyazhnyuk is sure that Ukraine will be able to triple its production of agricultural products with condition of investment in the industry field. Thus he said, speaking at a meeting of the committee on economic reforms. "In Ukraine there are 30% of world's black earth - 42 million hectares - the minister said. - If you invest in it, you can triple the production of agricultural products. " In addition, he noted that from early next year in Ukraine the land market will start working.

There should be a market of agricultural lands working since 2012 in Ukraine . This was stated by the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych at a meeting of the Committee on Economic Reforms on February 22.

According to an UNIAN message, Viktor Yanukovych noted that under favorable conditions for agriculture in Ukrainian, it is not possible for villagers to work effectively on the land, in addition land resources in Ukraine are being stolen, and the consumer market is filled with imported foodstuffs, not always of good quality. "This vicious cycle should be disrupted. Therefore, since 2012 the market of agricultural land should operate in Ukraine," - said the President.

He noted that it requires to perform a significant amount of preparatory work, in particular, to conduct an inventory of agricultural lands.

In turn, Minister of Agricultural Policy and Food Nikolay Prisyajnyuk, speaking at a meeting of the Committee on Economic Reforms, says: "Ukraine is 30% of the world's black earth - 42 million hectares. If you invest in it, then we can increase the production of agricultural products three times" .

Formerly, the President took the initiative to bring to public discussion of the land reform.

24.UA | 19.11.2008   Until now, foreign companies are limited mainly to buy grain and other products from the Ukrainian peasants. But now they are ready to grow their own grain in Ukraine. These plans were announced by the offshore company Landkom International last Friday, headquartered in the UK. The company has already leased for 30 hectares 15 years near the Lvov - it is about an area of 10 medium-sized agricultural companies (former collective farms). But Landkom has got much more ambitious plans. "We're going to greatly expand the territory - up to 350 thousand hectares, at least," - said "24" company’s CEO Richard Spinks. Landkom became the first foreign company which has announced ambitious plans to grow crops in Ukraine, experts say. There were some cases when foreigners leased the land, but it was only about small companies and farmers. $ 7 thousand per hectare To finance the business in Ukraine, Landkom sold to investors 54.9% of its shares for $ 110.1 million on the London Stock Exchange. This transaction allows us to estimate the value of land in Ukraine. Based on the amount of the transaction, the price of the company amounts to $ 200 million, therefore, the right long-term land lease of the one agricultural company was valued by investors as $ 20 million. In the equivalent amount is $ 7 thousand per 1 ha. This is significantly higher than the projected price for the land, formerly known as Ukrainian officials. According to the State Committee, after the abolition of the moratorium on the sale of agricultural land, its cost should draw up to only $ 2-2,4 thousand per 1 hectare. Evaluation of the investors has conditional issue - it reflects the opportunities and risks of Landkom, experts say. But it still suggests a potentially high cost of the Ukrainian land. Priority - Biodiesel "The soil here is very good. But it perishes, particularly in western Ukraine ", - said Richard Spinks. Landkom plans to grow rape (colza) in Ukraine - oilseed crops from which you can produce diesel fuel. Rape (colza) to be exported to Europe. In addition, the company will be engaged in wheat, and possibly other crops, specified Mr. Spinks. Ukrainian peasants were not enthusiastic about the emergence of competitors. Foreign companies were interested in Ukrainian land earlier, "says Alex Melezhik, the owner of the farm" Lad "(Dnipropetrovsk reg.)."But nothing happened. They do not know the internal problems. Also it will be hard to sustain standards of crop rotation: rape (colza) can be sown in the same place only once every 4 years ", - said the farmer. Nevertheless, foreigners will show active interest in agricultural business in Ukraine, experts say. Food around the world became more expensive and will remain likely expensive. Therefore, the profitability of growing corn and other crops has increased significantly. "We have cheaper labor, cheaper energy, lower production costs than in Europe", - says Alexander Sokolov, an analyst at the agency Pro-consulting. Foreigners can bring new agricultural technologies in the Ukraine: In Europe, the average yield of wheat is 4,5-5 tons / ha, in Ukraine - it is only 2-2,5 t / ha.   24.UA

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