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Land News from Ukraine

ukragroconsult | 10.01.2011   Only three countries have the potential to increase significantly the production of food according to FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization UNO) - Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Ukraine - a country number 1 in the world, which can increase production by half in a short period of time when there is a certain amount of investment, "- said the director of the Agricultural Market Developement Department of the Ministry of Agriculture Anatoly Rozgon. However, he noted that the investment climate for agribusiness will be favorable, as Ukrainian agricultural companies have already enjoyed. "They go to international financial markets, they find support and investments for them", - said Anatoly Rozgon.   ukragroconsult

Ukrainian Vice Premier and Social Policy Minister Sergiy Tigipko has said that the moratorium on farming land sales can be cancelled only after a complete land cadastre is formed and transparent sales mechanisms are developed.

"The moratorium can be cancelled only when a complete land cadastre is formed, and transparent sales mechanisms and the necessary restrictions are introduced. The government or a local council should have the legal right to buy a land plot at the sales price," the press service of the Strong Ukraine Party cited Tigipko as saying.

According to the vice premier, a state land bank should be created and laws on the land market of Ukraine and on the land cadastre should be adopted to launch the market.

Tigipko added that the land reform help draw billions in investments into the agriculture sector of Ukraine, and the establishment of the land market would contribute to the development of agricultural technologies.

According to Tigipko, despite a moratorium that has been in effect for ten years, Ukrainian farmland plots are in fact involved in market relations, but this market is deficient and criminal.

"What can we call a strict lease contract for 30-49 years with payment of rent in advance, if not a sale?" the vice premier said.

He added that the land reform and establishment of land market relations would let current land plot owners get market-bases rents and stop depending on the lawlessness of leaseholders.

"Real farmland owners will strive for the development of agricultural technologies and the improvement of land fertility, while today temporary leaseholders have no interest in this. And the government, in turn, will receive a clear and transparent base for land taxation," Tigipko said.

President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych stands for the public discussion of the land reform. Hereof said the Head of State today during a visit to the "Zorya" enterprise (Kherson region, Belozersky district).

"The main objective of land reform - so that a land would receive a perspective owner", - said Viktor Yanukovych, who was quoted by the press office of President.

Communicating with employees of the enterprise, Viktor Yanukovych emphasized that land reform is currently one of the most important issues in state policy.

The President stressed that, with some of the best land (soil) and climatic conditions in the world, agricultural-industrial complex must be brought to a brand new level of development, to make it competitive and efficient.

Head of State noted that attempts to conduct the land reform carried out long ago. However, they were inconsistent and non-systemic, and that is why there were no specific tangible results, especially for the peasant. "Shadow" schemes are still work as it was before. What do people get? Nothing, "- said Viktor Yanukovych.

"It is necessary that the land had an effective owner, the rules of land use to be existed, and so the owners would comply with it" - added the President.
The President also said that in Ukraine in 2011 a land bank will be created, which will primarily provide loans for rural areas.

The President stressed that today a food situation in the world is getting worse. Based on the global threat of food crisis and the need to ensure the economic security of Ukraine, the country should conduct a pragmatic agricultural policy.

"The Future of Ukraine - is the land" - Yanukovych stressed.

Looking back earlier, the president Viktor Yanukovych has stated that the legislative package is already prepared to regulate the land market.


Cabinet of Ministers intends to conduct in the next year or two the second stage of land reform in Ukraine and to form a full-fledged land market. This was stated by Prime Minister Mykola Azarov at a meeting with Minister of Tourism of Israel Stas Misezhnikov.

According to Mykola Azarov, Ukraine's problem of food is important, on the one hand, in the context of food security, and with another - increasing their export potential.

Head of the Government informed that the first stage of land reform in the Ukraine at the year 2000 was: collective farms were disbanded, the land was unsoldered. "But we have not done the second important step - we have not created a full-fledged land market."

"We plan in the next year or two to conduct an inventory of land and to pursue the second phase of land reform, create a full-fledged land market. This will allow to attract substantial funds in the agricultural sector ", - said Mykola Azarov.


Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has said that agricultural land should have a price and be allowed to be sold.

"If it [the land] has no price and is not sold, then the meaning [of land reform] will be lost. Something that has no price cannot be put into circulation," Yanukovych said in Bilozerka district, during his working trip to Kherson region on Thursday.

The president also said that a land bank should be set up as part of the land reform this year.


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