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Проект Земельної спілки України: "Десять кроків для подолання корупції у земельних відносинах"...

Land News from Ukraine

The people's deputies Valeriy Bevzenko, Roman Tkach and Ruslan Lukyanchuk have sent a draft law "On State Land Cadastre" for consideration to High Council. According to the memorandum, the draft law proposed to resolve the issue of maintaining state land cadastre.

The draft law sets the base, the procedure and the exact date of state registration, an exhaustive list of documents on land management and evaluation of land have been defined that is the basis for entering data into the SLC (further: State Land Cadastre).

Document proposed SLC data to be opened with the open access to the Internet, except for information, that is prohibited by law as a free distribution. Condition for cancellation of the moratorium on the sale of agricultural land is with the adoption of laws "On State Land Cadastre" and "On the Land market".


The Ukrainian Land Union comments:

The adoption of the law "On State Land Cadastre" will resolve many problematic issues of land relations in Ukraine, and most importantly, will provide a legal background for guaranties property rights on the land plots. Today the state land cadastre record, in fact, have no legal status and the cadastre itself does not contain information on all existing lots. Positive identification can also be considered an exhaustive list of documents for inclusion in the cadastre and identification of the boundary terms.

Ukrainian land Union will conduct an analysis of the draft law and place it on the site. We shall also consider and publish your comments on the document.


Verkhovna Rada postponed the conduction of the parliamentary hearings on "Land in Ukrainian fate: situation in the land field, a legislative relations securing and it’s realization practice” from 2 to 23 of March. 258 deputies have voted in favor of the corresponding decision adoption with the minimum necessary 226.

According to Parliament Speaker Volodymyr Lytvyn, the initiative to postpone the date of the hearing was made by the relevant committee of the Parliament.

Committee has substantiate its position that in comparison with the draft resolution on holding hearings, the final version of resolution has extended the hearing topic.

In order to prepare materials for the hearings on this subject, the committee will take more time than it planned.

Recalling, that January 13 Council agreed to hold hearings on Land Relations on March 2.

One of the priorities of the authorities this year should be a continuation of a land reform, states the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych.

"The level of corruption that has been achieved in the country today in the use of land, its shadow turnovers, forcing us to begin as soon as possible the process of land reform and as soon as possible to complete" - he announced on Friday at a meeting of the governing board of the Committee on Economic Reforms.

The president called the land issue "sensitive" and warned against political speculations.

"I know that politics will play a lot on this reform. This is a very sensitive issue, but we need to approach it calmly, carefully, measurably," - added Viktor Yanukovych.

In addition, the President believes that this year the country's agro-industrial complex should become a "growth point".

According to the instruction of the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych Cabinet of Ministers adopted the National Action Plan for 2011 to implement the Program of economic reforms in 2010-2014: "Prosperous society, competitive economy, effective government".

The main purpose of the scenario for 2011 is the tactical implementation of the medium term program of economic reforms. Scenario has been developed in the line of reform - that is a 21 vector, which completely cover all the economic branches.

National plan of economic reforms provides deregulation in all spheres of life. In general, to simplify licensing procedures there are about 30 regulatory legal acts will be developed and adopted.

Strategic scenario provides the continuation of land reform, which aims at the development and adoption of the legislative drafts on land market, land cadastre etc.

A bill proposed in parliament to lift the longstanding ban on the sale of agricultural land rules out foreigners.

Ukraine’s state land committee on Jan. 25 published its draft law on reforming the land market, inviting public discussion of legislation that needs to be enacted before the longstanding ban on existing agricultural land sales can be lifted, Kyiv Post writes.

The bill will next need approval by the government, before being submitted to parliament. A further bill, on the land cadastre, also needs to be enacted before the ban can be ended, which senior officials have said they hope to do this year.

Dragon Capital, a leading Kyiv-based investment bank, praised the start of the process, but said the draft bill envisaged a ban on foreigners and foreign legal entities acquiring agricultural land in Ukraine.

“However, we should note that this provision as well as the document’s other articles may be revised significantly before final approval,” Dragon analysts wrote in a note to investors.


The Ukrainian Land Union comments:

"It should be noted that, despite the ban on purchasing agricultural land by non-residents, Ukrainian law allows foreign companies and citizens to lease such lands for up to 49 years. Average rental rates in Ukraine, according to official data from the State Land Agency was about 35$ a year from 1 hectare. Over 70% of rent in Ukraine is paid in kind - by agricultural products."

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