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Проект Земельної спілки України: "Десять кроків для подолання корупції у земельних відносинах"...

Land News from Ukraine

Draft Law of Ukraine "On Land Market" developed to implement the instructions of the President of Ukraine and in accordance with subparagraph "b” of paragraph 4 of the Final Provisions of the Land Code of Ukraine, which contains a list of laws on the regulation of land relations, which must be taken in the development of according norms of this Code.

Objective of adoption of the Law of Ukraine "On Land Market" is the legal regulation of issues related to the organization and functioning land market in Ukraine, by definition of the legal and economic basis of market turnover of the land plots in the draft law, establishment of the sale sequence of land plots and rights to lease land plots to land auctions, the establishment of economic-environmental and legal restrictions on the circulation of agricultural purpose lands to prevent speculation operations and monopolization of agricultural purpose lands market, optimization of the agricultural land-use at land plots turnover, determine the effective owner of the land.

You can observe with the draft Act on the website of State Agency of Land Resources of Ukraine in a subdivision "Drafts of the regulatory legal documents" subdivision "Land legislation”.

According to the Land Department of agricultural and other purposes, protection and monitoring of the lands of the State Committee of land Resources, the owners of titles to a land lot (share), certified by a certificate of ownership to a land lot (share), or state act of ownership of the land plot, as of July 1 in 2010, 4584.4 thousand lease contracts on the land lot (share) were concluded.

Among them: 1,847.3 thousand (40.3%) were concluded with the enterprisers from whose lands a land share was derived, or with their successors; 657.7 thousand (14.3%) - with farm enterprises; 2,079.4 thousand (45,4%) - with other business entities.

By rural residents-retirees 2,408.4 thousand contracts were concluded (52,5%).

On validity were concluded: 404.4 thousand contracts (8.8%) for 1-3 years; 2163.2 thousand (47.2%) for 4-5 years; 1503.2 thousand (32.8%) for 6-10 years and 513,5 thousand contracts (11.2%) for more than 10 years.

The vast majority of lease contracts were concluded for a term of 5 years.

With the percentage (determined from a standard evaluation of a land plot) of rent up to 1,5 - 343.1 thousand lease contracts were concluded (7.5%); with the percentage of 1,5 to 3 - 2,403.7 million (52.4%); with the percentage of 3 and more - 1837, 6 thousand contracts (40,1%).

The average amount of rent per year makes up to 292.5 UAH. per 1 hectare.

Total payments for the lease of land lots (shares) for 2010 amounts to 5 billion UAH, which includes rural residents-retirees,which is 2,2 billion UAH. (44,3%). Among the forms of rent, the natural form is prevailing and makes 70,5%. This is a negative factor, since when there are calculations with rural people take place, the prices for agricultural products are set by the heads of agricultural enterprises personally, and these prices, as evidenced by revisions, are above the market prices.

As of July 1 (since this year) 179.3 million UAH was actually paid off. (3.6%).

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