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ДОГОВОРИ В АГРО БІЗНЕСІ! Що важливо передбачити? ПОСТАВКА (зерно, СГ продукція ЗЗР та ТМЦ). ЗЕД контракти. Експедиторські послуги. Транспортування. Зберігання зерна на зернових складах. Надання послуг та виконання робіт. Мінімізації ризиків. Розгляд кейсів та судової практики. Захист інтересів. Детальніше...

9-10 квітня, Київ | ЗЕМЕЛЬНІ ВІДНОСИНИ - 2020. Великі зміни. ДОГОВІР ОРЕНДИ. Переважне право. РИНОК ЗЕМЛІ – як підготуватись. Купівля, продаж, ОРЕНДА(СУБОРЕНДА), постійне користування. РЕЄСТРАЦІЯ. ОПЕРАЦІЇ З ПАЯМИ. Земельні торги. Захист врожаю. ЯК БЛОКУВАТИ ЗАХВАТ БІЗНЕСУ. Плата за землюДетальніше...

ЗЕМЛЯ 2020! Договори - зміни з 16.1.2020р.! РИНОК ЗЕМЛІ. Купівля-продаж. Що зробити ВЖЕ! (Суб)Оренда - як залізобетонно оформити? Як не втратити земельний банк? Реєстрація. ДЗК. Переважне право. АГРО: масиви, обмін, шахматки. Паї. Торги. ЦП. (Анти)Рейдерство. Суди. НГО, плата. Детальніше...

Проект Земельної спілки України: "Десять кроків для подолання корупції у земельних відносинах"...

Land News from Ukraine

Since the beginning of the year more than a thousand citizens have applied to the territorial agencies for land resources to register the land parcels. They received appropriate services, answers and explanations.

Since January 1st, the law "On State Land Cadastre" took effect, regulations of which have introduced a number of historical innovations in the land relations. National cadastral system is operating as planned. Henceforth the registration of land parcel and property rights on it is divided between the two departments. However, that does not impact the quality in any way. Citizens do not need to go through all levels of authority. All the relevant information is transmitted by professionals through the secure communication systems. Land authorities register land parcel in the state registry of lands, open Land Register Book and publish extracts from this document, assign unique cadastral numbers etc. Besides, the state cadastral registers of land management service carry out the registration of the restrictions in the use of land parcels (water protection zones, power electricity lines, pipelines), and give free extracts from the cadastre.

Since the 1st of January Ukrainian state register took the functions registration of ownership of land parcels and permanent use of land parcels and leases of land plots. Instead of the state acts Ukrainian state register will issue a certificate of ownership to real estate property. And notaries will carry out the alienation of property rights to land parcels.

- Now state registration of land parcel will be faster, that practically nullifies the queues in the bodies of land resources, the delaying consideration of documents and other inconveniences, which previously were faced by citizens to register land parcel. In addition, the introduction of modern, high-tech system will completely reduce abuse in the land sector, minimize corruption and land fraud. The system is fully automated, every action is recorded and tracked. In the near future we will be able to avoid overlaps - once the registration system checks whether the plot lies to the map correctly- the Chairman of SALR of Ukraine Sergiy Tymchenko mentioned.


SALR of Ukraine


Rising of the land tax in Ukraine should be reasoned and continued over a transition period of two to three years.

President of the Land Union of Ukraine Andriy Koshil expressed such an opinion at a press conference on Monday.

“We should see the figures of the Finance Ministry, who will pay and there should be a transition period of two to three years,” the Land Union President believes.

According to him, such a rise should be reasoned. “Such steps, when one of basic economic indexes is revised, laid down in many business plans, lead to the fact that our investment climate is considered as unfavorable,” the expert said.

He also expressed doubts that consideration of the relevant law in the Verkhovna Rada will hardly take place in the nearest future.

As reported earlier, the Finance Ministry proposes to raise the rates of a tax for farm land plots, irrespective of the place of their location since January 1, 2014.




The Finance Ministry of Ukraine proposes to oblige natural persons to pay a 15 fold amount of a land tax in case land plot size exceeds the established size.

Such an initiative is in the draft law “On Making Amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine on Taxation of Wealth and Luxury Objects,” developed by the Finance Ministry and posted on its website.

“The matter concerns levying of a tax from natural persons-owners of land plots, located within the frames of one administrative-territorial unit under construction and servicing of dwelling houses, outbuildings and constructions, whose areas exceed for a village 0.75 ha, settlements - 0.45 ha and cities - 0.3 ha. For the individual summer cottage construction there is a norm, exceeding 0.3 ha, and for gardening in case of its location at least on one of the land plots of the object under taxation - 0.36 hа,” the branch ministry informs.

In case of this law adoption, those amendments may come into force next day following its publication in the official press.



The Finance Ministry prepared amendments to the Tax Code which propose revising land rental rates since January 1, 2014, having raised them threefold.

According to this same rate, a tax for the use of forest lands will be levied, which now is only paid for special use of the forest resources. In addition, it was proposed to raise rates for all other categories of lands from 1% tо 3% of the normative appraisal of non-farm lands.

As it is noted, the rental rate for the use of all lands cannot be less than the tax rate.

Now, in compliance with the Tax Code, this norm is spread only to farm lands and rent of other lands cannot be less than a threefold land tax rate. All those amendments are sent to an increase of local budget incomes.

According to the Finance Ministry, in 2012, UAH 11.7 billion of the land tax came in 2012.

Simultaneously, the Finance Ministry proposes only to deprive of privileges on the land tax payment, which should have acted until 2015-2016, such subjects as space, shipbuilding and aircraft construction industry, as well as cinematography subjects.

To remind, now a tax rate for tillage, hayfields and pastures makes up 0.1% of the normative assessed money value for one ha, in other words, over UAH 20 with an average on Ukraine normative value of UAH 20,600 as of January 1, 2012. However, in a year, the payment may be UAH 68 at the minimum.

In addition, a rate of 0.09% instead of 0.03% will be applied to farm lands with perennial plantations.





Last year the Ukrainians received about 1.1 million state certificates of land holdings, the State Land Agency reported.

"Territorial authorities of the State Land Agency of Ukraine last year registered and issued to citizens 1,077,050 state acts on the ownership of land plots, as well as 6,950 to legal entities and 13,877 state certificates for the right to permanent use of land. Land authorities also registered 1,183,120 land lease agreements," the agency informs.

In addition, in 2012, the land agency, under the contracts on the project for the issuance of state acts on land ownership in rural areas and the development of the cadastre system fully completed the aerial survey in the scales of 1:25000 and 1:8000. Professionals fully completed orthophotos at 1:10,000 - 602,762.5 square km, in the scale of 1:5,000 - 57,371.4 square km for the rural areas and in the scale of 1:2,000 - 23,846.2 square km for cities and towns with populations of less than 200,000 people.

On the eve of the New Year, land officials fully specified cadastral index maps - 600,712.53 square km, which is 100% of the contracted land space nationwide.

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